Kent Mullens

Micah Ward

Parkeology Walt Disney World

Park Hours:17

#AttractionTimeFP #
1Avatar Flight of Passage7:49 AM-
2Nav'i River Journey7:59 AM-
3TriceraTop Spin8:11 AM-
4Primeval Whirl8:17 AM-
6Star Tours9:44 AM-
7Tower of Terror10:46 AM-
8Slinky Dog Dash11:03 AM1
9Rock 'n' Roller Coaster11:27 AM2
10Midway Mania11:59 AM3
11Alien Swirling Saucers12:21 PM4
12Space Mountain1:05 PM5
13Space Ranger Spin1:24 PM6
14Big Thunder Mountain Railroad1:44 PM7
15Tom Sawyer Island Rafts1:55 PM-
16Splash Mountain2:17 PM8
17Jungle Cruise2:39 PM9
18Liberty Square Riverboat3:02 PM-
19Peoplemover3:31 PM-
20Carousel of Progress3:43 PM-
21Frozen Ever After4:47 PM10
22Gran Fiesta Tour5:02 PM-
23Journey Into Imagination5:18 PM-
24Soarin' Around the World5:39 PM11
25Living with the Land5:53 PM12
26The Seas6:17 PM-
27Test Track6:35 PM-
28Mission: SPACE6:54 PM-
29Spaceship Earth7:09 PM13
30Kilimanjaro Safaris8:03 PM14
31Kali River Rapids8:41 PM15
32Expedition Everest9:07 PM-
33Dumbo the Flying Elephant9:54 PM-
34Journey of the Little Mermaid10:11 PM-
35Peter Pan's Flight10:32 PM-
36it's a small world10:58 PM-
37Magic Carpets of Aladdin11:30 PM-
38Pirates of the Caribbean11:44 PM-
39Prince Charming Regal Carrousel12:00 AM-
40Mad Tea Party12:08 AM-
41The Barnstormer12:19 AM-
42Haunted Mansion12:35 AM-
43Winnie the Pooh12:52 AM-
44Tomorrowland Speedway12:59 AM-
-Astro OrbitorNot completed-
-Main Street VehiclesNot completed-
-Seven Dwarfs Mine TrainNot completed-